Fly Zone, London Science Museum

Fly Zone Gallery, London Science Museum

Metropolis has developed an entirely new gallery in partnership with the commercial and curatorial staff of the London Science Museum. Adjacent to the existing Flight gallery, ‘Fly Zone’ incorporates today’s motion and sensory technologies to give audiences, of all ages, a range of unique ‘in flight’ experiences.

The major components of the new gallery are:

  • Red Arrows 3D: a 21 seat six degrees of freedom full motion theatre; high gain 3D screen; digital high definition 2D / 3D visual system; Dolby 5:1 surround sound; sensory effects of aroma, lighting and low smoke and a unique ‘in cockpit’ Red Arrows 3D film.
  • Fly 360°: two interactive flight simulators. These units have two seats and are totally unique in the market in that they provide full 360° pitch, roll, spin and spiral actions. Metropolis is the exclusive European distributor for Fly 360° simulators.
  • Typhoon simulator:  a 12 seat capsule simulator with 3 DOF electrical motion system and showing the highly successful Typhoon film.
  • Fly Kids: three single seat simulators, each of which has a small 2 DOF motion seat suitable for small children and customers requiring a gentler version of the Red Arrows film in 2D.

The entire Fly Zone gallery is operated in a revenue share joint venture partnership between Metropolis Entertainment and the London Science Museum and opened in mid-2010.

Watch the video above: Red Arrows launch video

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