3D/4D Motion Effects Theatres

3D / 4D motion effects theatres

Metropolis Entertainment is a world leader in the development, implementation and operation of 3D/4D effects theatres and 4D cinemas.

To be precise these theatres create a multi-dimensional experience by integrating a large screen 3D projection with surround sound audio and dynamic motion seats, usually between 20 and 100 seat capacity.

A number of additional ‘sensory’ effects are added to increase the overall level and realism and these can include aroma, lighting, wind, water spray, leg ticklers and hot air blast.

In 2004 the company’s management team was instrumental in the creative and technical development of the 60 seat 3D theatre at Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum in the United States, which received a Museum and Heritage Award of Excellence.  We have since designed and installed systems around the world.

Orange Morphis simulator

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